Friday, May 2, 2008

Judy Brock - Unsung Hero

One of the things I thought I would do on this blog is to highlight people who, rather than my pathetic little conservation indulgence, actually do good work day in day out in order to protect animals and the environment. Because I have been volunteering up at the DSPCA and because Judy is my boss when I am up there I thought she would be the best person to pick as my first 'Unsung Hero'.

Whenever I told her she spent the rest of the day going around with a big smile on her face telling everyone 'I'm a Hero, I'm a Hero'. I think by the end of the day the rest of the staff wanted to throw her in some horse manure!

Anyway Judy is from Glasgow and works at Dublin's Society for the Protection of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA). She does this at weekends as during the week she is doing a full time course in animal care as well as helping out at a local vets.

Here's where I make her head even bigger by saying she is a great person to work with and is always enthusiatic and cheerful (that's all your getting Judy - what do you think I am some sort of sap!)

< Judy and Donald who has just had his hip fixed after a traffic accident.

Judy goatting around (as usual)>

One other thing to say about Judy. She is one of the few Glaswegians I have met who, after hearing where I am from, did not immediately ask which team I supported - Rangers or Celtic. Of course I always say Partick Thistle and end up with a Glaswegian Handshake. Only Joking - Glaswegians are really nice people - Honest! (Anyway its Motherwell, not Partick Thistle)

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Judy said...

I love it!!!!!!!!

Now i have a silly grin again!!!!