Friday, April 25, 2008

Hand Grenade

The first rule of blogging - exciting titles!

Day 2:

On my second day of freedom I went on my last Thursday lunch - the end of an era.

Every Thursday myself and some friends meet up in Kennedys pub beside Trinity for a spot of lunch and a chat. The chat usually revolves around trying to piece together what everyone did last weekend and arranging what is going to happen next weekend - with some small talk about houses, babies and sport thrown in for good measure.

The really unusual thing about this chat is that it is done while drinking pints of water! One of the consequences of the Celtic Tiger I suppose - Irish people staying sober at lunchtime! I was speaking to someone later about this who said that in countries like Switzerland everybody drinks at lunchtime but they only ever have one drink as they know when to stop. But then they are Swiss!

After lunch I went and did a bit of shopping. As one of my conservation trips is to Croatia I wanted to get a Croatian phrase book. Also, as one of my resolutions about this year was to use charity shops as much as possible I went to the place with the most charity shops - Capel Street.

Capel street is the exact opposite of Grafton Street. The bars are on the street instead of on side streets. The clothes shops are replaced by furniture shops or DIY shops. The eateries are all ethnic and as well as charity shops, they have Martial arts shops, camping shops and an Army surplus store. Which brings me to the hand grenade. Actually its just a lighter but how cool is this:

As I don't smoke I never bought it - plus I don't think a guy with my accent should be allowed to own such things - thats just suicide!

I never got my Croatian phrase book - but I did get something better. Something that I can bring on my travels and annoy the shit out of everyone with. A mouth organ. Not just any mouth organ but a blues mouth organ! Happy Days!

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