Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Being from Norn Iron I sometimes use slang and words that people might not understand. I also use statements and sayings that NOBODY understands - not even my friends! To help with this I have created this special GLOSSARY post to help normal people. I shall add to it as I go.

Aunt(s): (noun) Predictive texting I send when referring to a horrible person. Nothing to do with female relatives.

Bake: (noun) Face. Not to be confused with the verb about making cakes from flour or bombs from fertilizer.

Blocked: (Adj) A Norn Iron term for being very drunk. The rest of Ireland uses the term locked instead which is taken from the term lockin. That's when the pub locks all the doors after hours and continues to serve alcohol to anyone still inside. This is done so that the place looks to be closed should the local garda come to check. The only snag is that usually half the punters inside for the lockin are off duty garda!

Happy Days: Norn Iron Expression, to indicate that you are content. Not to be confused with the 70' sitcom starring Arthur Fonzarelli.

Millie (noun) Norn Iron, A female of lower worker class background, uncouth, common, slapper. Named after the linen mill workers of yester year. Now adays more likely to be unemployed with a several small brats in tow. A Norn Iron female chav.

Night Link (noun) Late night buses laid on by Dublin transport at a premium rate to get drunk people quickly and quietly out of the city centre. Normally a good idea - except when the person travelling falls asleep and ends up 10 miles beyond their stop with no viable means back

Piggin: (adj) To be extremely unclean, dirty. (spelling may be incorrect)
example: (mother speaking to son)"your bake is piggin - go and get it scrubbed now"

Spide (Noun) Norn Iron speak. A lower working class male, tosser, wanker. Short for spiderman due to the common practise of having a tattoo of a spider's web on their neck. Most these days do not have this tattoo identification but they usually have a pencil moustache. A Norn Iron male Chav.

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