Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Trieste Walking Tour - 21st June

On the last day of my Croatia trip I had to stay in Trieste which is in Italy just on the border with Slovenia. James Joyce stayed there for 10 years, so on my last night, in the best tradition of Irish writers, I went to the pub to watch the footie.

But first I did a bit of a walk around (points are marked on the map)

1. My Hotel which is right beside a very nice large church (whose name I have forgotten) Its a very nice large church until it starts gonging out the time at 6 o'clock on a Sunday!

2. This pic is of the fore mentioned church which has a very nice fountain in front of it. I had a nice traditional italian meal at a restaurant beside this fountain. With beer obviously!

3. On across to the quay to look back at the main plaza.

4. Then into the main Plaza to take pics of all the main buildings - I haven't a clue what their names are but they are were built in the Austro-Hungarian era.

5. Finally I walked along the sea front working up a thirst until I happened upon this heavenly body:

Sorry wrong image - This heavenly body - a pint of real ale!

6. Slight detour on way back from the Real ale pub to take a pic of this rich bastard's boat.

That's some carbon footprint! If only I had a big key!

7. Time was getting on now and I wanted to settle myself down for the footie match which was Holland v Russia. Could I find a bar showing the footie - could I f@*k! There were loads of bars full of the beautiful people out to pose on a Saturday night and not one of them was showing the footie. I didn't even know how to ask for directions: ("Scusie, I looka fora le footballa. prego?").

8. Finally after much frantic searching I came across a bar just on the other side of the plaza which had large screens outside showing the footie. Thank god - now for drinki!

A side observation:

This was one of the presenters on the Italian football coverage.

And this is one for the football coverage in Croatia.

And in Ireland we have this - Eamon Dunphy. A man who whose face looks like a halloween mask that has been left by the fire too long.

One last observation: What the hell is this!!

Imagine a toilet like this in Ireland. Holy Shit! (all over the place!)

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