Thursday, July 24, 2008

World Tour

OK - everybody I meet seems to want to know where I am going on this trip (including me as I honestly don't entirely know!)

So here it is:

1. 2nd August: London Heathrow at 7pm and into Johannesburg at 7am.

I then have to wait around Joberg airport for 5 hours trying not to get robbed or abducted until I catch a bus to Lydenburg where I stay overnight and then get picked up to go to the 'Enkosini Wildlife Santuary' where I will stay until 1st Sept.

I then have two weeks to travel to Capetown using bazbus or other means before starting work on the 15th Sep at the white sharks project

I then have two more weeks in and around Capetown before flying back to Joberg.

2. 14th Oct: Fly out of Joberg at 4pm and into Perth, oz at 8am

I have two weeks in and around Perth then

3. 29th Oct: Fly out of Perth at 10am and into Sydney at 4pm

another 12 odd weeks in oz until

4. 27 Jan: Fly out of Sydney at 8am (how the hell am I going to get there in time for that!) and into Christchurch at 2pm

5. Then its overland for 6 weeks to auckland

6. 10 Mar: Fly out of Auckland at 5pm and into Santiago at 1pm

Spend 6 weeks in South America. Somehow I have to end up in Peru.

7/8/9/10 21 Apr: Fly out of Lima at 9pm and into Madrid on 22nd at 2pm (I think I was told the plane stops at Miami (8) but I stay on and then its back to London on 22nd at 5pm arriving at 6pm.

Hey I am glad I did that because other than 6 weeks in South Africa I do not have a baldy root what I am doing.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Raymond

Good to read the blog of you adventures - I seem to remember you slaggin me for starting a blog!!!!

If you manage to get up to Toronto on the world tour give me a shout!