Monday, August 18, 2008


Hey everyone

Been able to download a couple of posts (best to read them in reverse for continuity)

As I don't have much time for downloading (the posts art texts from my laptop) I will place any photos as a separate post so you will get text posts or photo posts

here are a couple.

Next stop Kruger Park!

Internet cafe sign - i told them I had been to the clinic before hand!

Me and Berno the st Bernard

Vervet Monkeys

Thats dirt on them hairy legs not a tan!

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Ciaran said...

You couldn't produce a flood when confronted with the bushfire? Scotland 0-0 Norn Iron (Healy missed pen). Norway 1-1 Ireland (v wet). England 2-2 Czech (Eng rubbish, Goldenballs played!) Wales 1-2 Georgia (hope Wales were just sh!t). Healy signed for Sunderland and Sylvestre for Arsenal?!?!?