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For purposes of tracking what I did/seen I have produced this post of CHECKLISTS: which I shall update as I go along.
Other lists will follow such as:
Poos I have had to lift
Animals that have peed on/bitten me

BEERS I HAVE DRUNK: (Obviously the most important one!)

Castle Lager: South African: 5% 6pack 29Rand (£2)
A cheap crap lager but very very refreshing after working on the Fence in the Monkey Sanctuary

Sterling Light Lager: South African: 2.5% 6pack 29Rand
This was a complete mistake – who the hell brews 2.5% beer! This was one of the ones I picked up quickly when first going to Enkosini – I did not see the light bit – as but as useful as a lager shandy.

Windhoek Lager: Namibian: 4% 6pack 29 Rand
Supposedly the best lager you can get here – definitely better then the others

(I have also been drinking some Heineken)
Beers so far are average. But very refreshing!

(this will be of interest to my sister as she thinks I lose everything)

Platypus Water bag: 5th Aug
I got this free with my tent and it proceeded to leak in my small rucksack on the very first walk I did – all over my books!

Sunglasses: 8th Aug
An incident involving a hammer and a rather rubbery fence post combined to break my first sunglasses. Still it was better then the black eye I would have gotten without them on!

Trousers: 5th Aug
Probably due to the amount of stuff I had in my pockets but really due to the fact that the trousers were slightly too small. Large tears down the front of both legs – which got progressively bigger (even after a bad sewing attempt) until I was doing a good impression of David Banner after turning back from the incredible hulk.

Tent pole: 12th Aug
Due to hasty camp pack I may have left one of my tent poles in the Vervet monkey sanctuary. This means that my tent will have one end basically lying on the ground when I go to Kruger park.

Nikon camera: 15th Aug
Due to me trying to clean the actual digital part of camera I have managed to effectively destroy my good camera! I will still use it for Kruger park but its got it will have a big scratch mark on all the photos!


This post will probably be of no interest to anyone but me and Phil but hey its my blog!

I am only going to include animals that I have positively identified for myself – not ones pointed out to me by other people that they seen or heard.

Pied Kingfisher – Bird, Seen on roadside on way to Ranger Station 4th Aug

Blue waxbill – Bird, Seen at Vervet Monkey Sanctuary, 7th Aug
Lovely small sparrow-like bird with blue breast which I foraged around at dawn and dusk.

White throated robin chat – Bird, (fatty!) Seen at Ranger station, 14th Aug
Fatty as the rangers call him is a cheeky thrush like bird with a white throat and red behind. He eats all the crumbs left around the station. I have even caught him in my hut looking for food.

Cape Robin Chat – Bird, Seen at Rangers station, 14th Aug.
Another cheeky bird that lives on the scraps from the ranger station. More robin like with red breast.

Common Bulbul – Bird, Seen at Ranger station, 14th Aug
Black head with slight crest and yellow tail flanks. Also feeds of scraps from the station.

Amethyst sunbird – Bird, Seen at Ranger station , 16th Aug
Almost black small bird.

Commoun Duiker – Antelope, Seen near Ranger Station 15th Aug
My first proper mammal! Only glimpsed but apparently quite common here at Enkosini

Cape Weaver – Bird, Seen at Ranger Station 16th Aug
All Yellow bird – bastard to check against all the other Yellow weavers but I am pretty sure its this one (good views)

African FIsh Eagle - Bird: Seen on walk to eucalyptus forest 16th Aug
Bloddy great big bird seen at a distance with distinctive white head and tail

Warthog - mammal: Two females seen on walk to eucalyptus forest 16th Aug

Greater Kestrel (i think!) - bird - seen on walk to eucalyptus forest 16th Aug#
Hoovering bird in distance with light underwings - larger than normal kestrel

Bearded Woodpeaker - Bird: At ranger station 17th Aug
Annoying hammering which woke me up - got pretty close to it (should have thrown a stone at the bloody thing!)

Brown Scrub Robin - Bird: At ranger station 17th Aug

Yellow-fronted tinkerbird: At ranger station 17th Aug
Small bird - like a mottled gold creast

Cape batis: At Ranger Station 17th Aug
I think this is the bird doing the annoying three blind mice

Blue Billed firefinch: At ranger station 17th Aug

Baboon: Near Ranger station 18th Aug

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