Monday, August 4, 2008


I have successfully arrived in Lydenberg and I am now waiting for transport to the wildlife sanctuary.

You will all be pleased to know that the car hire people did not notice two new tyres on the car and I did not have to cough up any excess (mind you they might find out later!)

Surprisingly I did not have any major problems throughout my journey to here.

The plane journey was long but these days you can pick and choose which movies or TV shows to watch so naturally I picked things that were intellictual and stimulating. Quick tip. Always try to get an Aisle seat on an overnight flight or else you sit there for hours thinking "Wake up you stupid bitch I need to go to the toilet!"

Can't say much more now as this is costing me money - I will be editing and updating my posts but I will have an update section on ech one.

Keep watching:


Conversation at Airport Bus Station:

ME: "Is this the bus to Lydenberg?"
Driver: "Belfast"
ME (talking slowly): "Yes I am from Belfast - How did you know?"
Driver: "This is the bus to Belfast!"
Me: Oh right sorry.

Ironically the correct bus drove throw Belfast on way to Lydenberg and I think I prefer my one!


Fergal said...

Was the big Ulsterbus logo not a give-away?

lloydm said...

Good to hear everything is going ok so far, LLoyd