Sunday, November 2, 2008

Australian Museum

OK I have been persuaded to continue the blog - My friend Gavin gave a good argument in that the more time I spend doing the blog the this time I spend drinking so I am in fact saving money by doing it! As I won't be making any money from it anymore I can be as un PC as I want now and tell it how it is. I'll try to keep it as near as possible to the way it was.

Anyway here's an unfunny post:

As it was just round the corner and as it was raining on my first full day in Sydney I decided to go to the Australian Museum. Its basically a natural history museum complete with lots of stuffed animals - mostly Australian birds. They also had the usual boring mineral exhibition and of course a dinosaur display.

There was a whole section of the museum dedicated to the indigenous people of Australia (indigenous rather than aboriginal due to the inclusion of the Torres island people). It had the usual display cases of artifacts and talked quite a lot about "the dreaming".

One exhibit stood out because if was quite upsetting - the Australian protection board part. It was set out as a sort of maze of paintings and told about the forced taking of aboriginal children so that they could be educated to be more like whites. I knew about some of the atrocities done by the white settlers to the aboriginals but I thought that this was particularly shameful. I took some pics of the exhibition - its easier than writing things down (you may need to zoom in on the photos)

And on a lighter note - here is DM fighting with a velociraptar - bad DM!

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