Sunday, November 23, 2008

Botanic Gardens Tour 17th Nov

My first real walk around melbourne was mostly around the Botanic Gardens. Here is a pictorial document of that walk.

Once off the tram at Swanson street I headed down to Federation square past this - probably the tackiest Christmas tree I have ever seen - what were you thinking Melbourne!

On to federation square where I met Brent, who I had met in Perth and who was in Melbourne for a couple of days before heading back to Perth. We had some tea and coffee and discussed Tasmania - my next port of call.

Communication problems (AKA nobody bloody understands me):
Waiter at cafe: 'What would you like sir?'
Me: 'Can I have a cup of tea and a brownie please (pointing at brownie on menu)
10 minutes later the waiter brings back a tea and a PERONI beer!
Does everybody think the Irish have to drink alcohol all the time! I nearly sent it back but decided what the hell!

After saying goodbye to Brent it was on across the Jarra river past this big tower thing.

Then it was on down the embankment.

On the other side of the river I spotted this sculpture:

That's the sort of thing that could give young kids nightmares!

A quick look back at the melbourne skyline:

And a quick pic of a black swan.

Then it was into the botanic gardens to walk about taking pics as I went. They were very nice gardens but you could see that most of the lakes were very low with water - just as well I am here with my storm front!

Lake (state the obvious!)



Some other plants

its a flower

Another flower

After the botanic gardens I crossed the river and went past Melbourne Cricket ground:

Through the pedestrian walkway and over several roads into Fitzroy gardens to the Conservatory.

I passed the naked tart with the dogs:

and headed into the building which turned out to be awash with flowers - very nice:


can you guess what it is?

After that it was back up to my tram passing by this building which I think might be the City museum?

hard to tell!

lastly I passed by the Parliament buildings and just missed my tram. Luckily there was a hotel next to the tram stop so I went in and had a wecome beer.


City Tram

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