Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lists update 16th Nov

Things I have lost/broke:
I lost another pair of sunglasses while doing the trapping - but they were found again the next day!
I left my mains cord for my new hairclippers back in Sydney but luckily one of my other leads fits it!
I have lost my small torch and compass so I had better not get lost at night in the bush!

Beers I have drunk (I need to update this properly - too many!)

Hunters Wheat beer
Hunters Pale ale
Bock Dark Ale
Old Speckled Hen - Melbourne (Yes I know I have drunk it before but not on these travels!)
Abbot Ale - Melbourne (see old speckled hen!)
Tetley Bitter - Melbourne (see old speckled hen!)
Melbourne Bitter
Cascade (all types - will name them later)
Boags (all types - will name them later)
Coopers (all types - will name them later)
Abbots Invalid Stout (great beer!)

Animals I have seen (I have to have seen them in the wild before I add it to the list - zoos do not count!)

Eastern Grey Kangaroo 9th Nov Grampians
Swamp Wallaby 9th Nov Grampians
Echidna 12th Nov Grampians
Brush Tailed Rock Wallaby (12th Nov being released in the distance!) Grampians
Heath Mouse 9th Nov (in trap) Grampians
Agile Antechinus 9th Nov (in trap) Grampians
Yellow footed Antichinus 12th Nov (in trap) Grampians

Red bellied Black Snake 9th Nov (in trap) Grampians
Brown Snake 11th Nov at hostel. Grampians

Birds: (thanks to Prue and Robert for some of the identifications)
Emu 10th Nov Grampians
Scrub Wren 11th Nov Grampians
Created Pigeon 12th Nov Grampians
Golden Whistler 11th Nov Grampians
Grey Fantail 11th Nov Grampians
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo 11th Nov Grampians
Yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo 11th Nov Grampians
Gang Gang Cockatoo 10th Nov Grampians
Crimson Rosella 10th Nov Grampians
Sacred Kingfisher? 11th Nov Grampians
Welcome Swallow 10th Nov Grampians
Superb Fairy Wren 10th Nov Grampians
New Holland Honeyeater 10th Nov Grampians
Eastern Spinebill 11th Nov Grampians
Indian Myna 29th Oct Sydney
Australian White Ibis 29th Oct Sydney
Straw-necked Ibis 11th Nov Grampians

I have probably missed some which might be added later!

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Tim Cairns said...

so if its in a trap is it in the wild?