Sunday, November 23, 2008

Shameful past

Sunday 16th Nov: I got up at some point, scratched my arse, made some food to eat and basically festered for the whole day.

Late at night somebody put on a pirated dvd and a crowd of us sat down to watch it. The DVD was called 'Fifty Dead men Walking' and was all about the Northern Ireland troubles - all I needed!

It was actually a very good film.

While watching one scene in the movie one of the Germans asked me if they really did that sort of thing back then in Belfast.

I had to admit that, yes, back in the bad old days, people did actually do that shameful thing. The scene in question was not of a knee capping (which was earlier in the film!) but of people line dancing in a bar!

Yes people it's true. Its a part of Irish history few people want to talk about. It only happened for a while but it was horrible. Night clubs and bars resounded to the music of 'cotton eyed joe' and 'acky breaky heart'. I myself have to confess to doing a couple of 'Lines'. Look! I was on holiday and it was peer pressure. I am ashamed I did it but I can't turn back the clock!

I believe that even now there are still places in Ireland (mostly out west) were they still do line dancing. Its mostly underground now but you can easily tell the sort of people who indulge in it - they have a crazy look to them. The cowboy boots and 10 gallon hats are also a bit of a giveaway.

Dark days indeed. I wonder if anyone has actually found out who the f"ck Alice is?

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