Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Gay Bar, Gay Bar

3rd Jan

At some point over Christmas somebody suggested that we go to the Gay bar where Jamie works and Sat 3rd Jan was that night!

But first I had to take my car back at 8am after which I came back and updated my facebook status:

Raymond is going to the gay bar, gay bar tonight (and no i ain't!) href="

I played the youtube video several times and basically spent the whole day saying 'We're going to the Gay Bar Gay Bar'. I think by the end of the day several people where getting so annoyed with me saying it that they where ready to swing for me.

In order to while away some time on a sunny afternoon a group of took a walk to the Tennis centre where the Australian open was to be held in a couple of weeks time. We had heard that there might even be some preliminary games being held that we vould see for free.

On the way we went into a funky lost and found shop which had all sorts of weird and wonderful things for people to buy:

Masters of the universe

Ailish and hat

What a wallpaper border!


On to the tennis centre through the pedestrian bridge:

When we got there we were disappointed to find that there was no matches on. We did, however manage to persuade oneof the security guards to show us around part of the complex. Not I hasten to add the main coiurts but some of the minor ones where some people where practising (badly) their tennis.

The area we where also had a set of busts of all the famous past australian tennis players.

Me and Pat Cash

Ailish and Yvonne Golligong

After our jaunt it was back to the hostel to prepare for the nights drinking and the GAY BAR GAY BAR.

One other unusual building around collingwood was a deralict one with this really weird room:

Onwards to the drinking. As it was my last Saturday night in Melbourne for both myself and Fong (who was leaving to go to Perth next week) we decided to make it a sort of unofficial leaving party. And a very messy affair it turned out to be.

First stop was the Dorchester bar - some pics for you to savour (or cringe at if you are in them!)

Ailish, Fong and Diana

Dave and Fong

Ailish and Katy

Colin and Susie

A lot of people

Thomas, Dave and Nadia

The lads

Dave and yours truly

The smokers having a drag outside the bar

After the Dorchester we went to another bar which I think was called first floor (cause it was on the first floor)

More even messier pics.

Natanya and Susie on way to another bar

Talk to the hand!

The women are talking about me again!

Then finally it was time to go to THE GAY BAR GAY BAR.

I can se your all drooling with antecipation about what happened at the GAY BAR GAY BAR,


We didn't get in! The bouncer on the door said that one of us = Conor was too drunk so we decided 'Screw you!' and headed home.

When I got back I updated my Facebook Status - here is what I said (slurs and all) which will give you an indication of how pissed off and how pissed I was.

Raymond is ANNOYED to say the lest thest he was could not get into the gay bar because his friend was too drunk - YOU AIN'T SEEN DRUNK YET OZ TILL YOU SEEN A ME DRUNK!

You can ram your GAY BAR GAY BAR up your hole! (I added the last bit now)

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Man City beaten 1 - 0 by the mighty STOKE!!!!!!!(Saturday 31st Jan)