Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hobart 25th Nov

I have learnt my lessons now when it comes to air travel:

1. Make sure you do not go out boozing the night before. Something I achieved, due mainly to the fact that all the pubs/bottleshops near the hostel are closed on Monday nights (weird but true)

2. Ensure your flight leaves as late as possible - 13:00 in this case.

So I had plenty of time to get ready, get to the airport and catch my flight. It all went perfectly.

Your waiting for the catch aren't you. Sorry there isn't one - the whole transport from beginning to end went without a hitch (I know I'm astounded too!)

I got the shuttlebus to my backpackers and booked in. Immediately I did not like the place - it was far too big. The Central City Backpackers was its name and it used to be a hotel and you could tell. It had 3 stories of room upon room. I was in a 6 bed dorm which was full up but luckily the vacant bed was a bottom bunk. I soon got my first shock of Tasmania when I tried to use the internet which was $5 for half an hour! Bloody hell that's the price of a stubby!

I had already decided that because I was going on a guided tour which started at 7.30am the next morning that I did not want to get to know anyone in the hostel (just in case I ended up boozing to all hours) Instead I did a mini tour of the town centre looking for a library which might have had free internet access. I found it but when I checked it out all the terminals were being used by kids! Once I gave up on that I decided to look for a cinema as I thought that the best and cheapest way to ensure I did not drink was to go to the flicks.

I did eventually find one and looked at the times. They had Quantum of Solace on which I wanted to see - but at 7pm - almost 2 hours later. I wondered what I could do until then. After several seconds of pondering I headed down to the Salamanca area at the waterfront and ended up doing minor pub crawl of some upmarket bars (including an irish one) supping very expensive pots (aussi for half pint glasses).

As I had not eaten since lunch I felt a bit tipsy as I made my way to the cinema - resolving to get some cheap grub on the way. This turned out to be an Indonesian that had a fine selection of gourmet meals on offer: Chicken Curry with Steamed rice or Beef Curry with Steamed rice. You could have gotten fried rice for an extra charge but they had run out. I got the chicken which was dished out together with the rice and curried veg onto the smallest plate I have ever seen. The portion was ok but it was piled so high on the tiny plate that any sudden movement caused half the rice to go on the table.

After eating half the curry I made my way to the cinema and relaxed to watch the film. My advice to anyone wanting to see this movie is don't! Perhaps I was still in a slight drunken haze but I thought it was shit. It was too fast paced and too hard to follow for my little sozzled brain. Rays-conservation-travels film review star rating: *

I give it one only because of the bond girl because I'd like to ... oh you know the rest!

It was still only 9pm when I got out of the cinema so I went back to the Salamanca area and had another couple of pots. I had the common sense to stop at that and was back in the hostel for 10:30 for a good nights sleep.

Did I get a good nights sleep. Did I arse. It just so happened that I had picked a room full of snorers. In fact these snorers even managed to do it in sync. It was almost symphonic with one starting where another one left off. There was even different pitches with a Bass, Tenor, Alto and one guy who managed to do a soprano squeak! I was glad to be up and out of there for 7am

Boags Wizard Smith English Ale: Absolutely gorgeous and is now my preferred tipple although its quite dear.
Moo Brew pale ale: I never heard of this brewery before but again a really nice beer. Too expensive though
Boags St George (bottles) Had this in Melbourne - light fruity beer - a bit like a corona with a lime built in (only better)

On the way back to the pub I passed a park which had a group of teenagers in it. I thought that they must be doing the usual underage drinking lark but no they were juggling firesticks! That's Tassies for you!

When looking around a library for internet access it pays to look EVERYWHERE in the library. It is now the 6th Dec. I am back in Hobart and in the library on the second floor as opposed to the first floor where I looked last week. This floor is basically all computers (you idiot Raymond!)

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Man City drew with PSG during the week, 0 - 0.

Went to see the rugger at Ravenhill and passed the Ormeau Golf club where you held a quiz a few years ago. Thought you might like to know.