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Launceston 29th Nov

Launceston (or Launy as the aussi's call it) is a nice small city near the top end of Tasmania. When I booked into my hostel the girl at reception told me I was being placed in a room with 3 long term residents and to excuse the mess. I sked if their names were Luke, Connor and Samy. "Yes" she said quite surprised. "Yeah I know them gowgers from Melbourne!". I went up and said hi to the lads who were working in Tassie in order to get their second working visa.

For my first full day at Launy I was going to have a walk up cataract gorge which is only 15 minutes away from the city centre.

On the way through the town I managed to stumble upon another parade - only this time there were no dykes although there were some weird people dressed up in strange outfits:

My first Christmas parade - yippee! There were lots of floats and a couple of pipe bands (Scottish theme again!) and after it had finished passing I walked on up the middle shopping arcade only to stumble on the bleeding parade coming back the other way!

I wonder what they might be have been saying:
What do you mean God knocked you up!

Jeepers my kanckers are freezing!

Its still better than Melbourne's Tree!

Are you doing a poo Jonny!

Before going to the gorge I decided to take a quick detour to the park as they have a monkey enclosure. I was dreading the monkeys might be vervet as it would bring back memories of Mitchs vicious vervets in Africa. I still have a scar from the bite Guyus gave me! Thankfully the monkeys turned out to be Japanese Macaques!

Did you just lick my ass!

On to the actual gorge.

I spent most of the afternoon walking right up to the top of the trail. On past the gorge up to duck reach power station.

Cataract Gorge

A wooden hut - except that the 'wooden' posts were made of concrete!

I think the peahen off to the side was saying "To hell with that - let's see your cock!"

A nice view spoilt by the bloody big swimming pool!

I finally made it up to duck reach pwer station and the suspension bridge over the river.

I would have gotten there quicker except I was slowed down by these two:

Hurry up!

Underneath the bridge

View back up river

Back down at the swimming pool and cable ride

Another arty flower pic

And after a long walk back to the town I sat down for possibly the best view of the day!

Later that night myself and the lads headed out to one of the local pubs. Samy who is French and is learning English on his travels had met 3 French girls who came out with us. I asked one of the French girls what her name was. "Fannie" she said. OK I said. So I asked the other French girl what her name was. "I am called Fannie too" I don't remember what the third french girl was called but none of them spoke English too well and they were helping me with my French SO...


SO... that night I was getting French lessons from two fannies!!!

There I said it! Groan away if you must!!!


Bluetounge Pilsner - after the walk. Very refreshing

On my way up to Duck reach I scared a wallaby and I am nearly certain a Bandicoot! It was small and had a long nose so I am going to say it was a Bandicoot!
Green Rosella (a very common parrot in Tassie)
Blackfaced Cockoo Shrike

Irish term: Asshole, Drunkard

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