Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Under Down Under Day 3 (28th Nov)

The final day of our guided tour would take us from Bicheno to Launceston via the bay of fires. According to Lonely Planet 2009 the bay of fires is the 'hottest' travel destination in the world. It was a fantastic place - and the wheather was perfect for clambering over rocks and beaches. I'll just post some pics to try to show what it was like:

Rocks and sand and sea

Our guide Ian surveying his domain.

Its me, DM and our new friend Tas!

Annemiek helping DM out of the water

DM sunbathing

Femke resting

Back to the bus I'm afraid

After the bay of fires and some much needed lunch we went up into the mountains to a place called St Columba falls. It was a nice wee walk down through a fern forest to the falls:

Fern forest

Columba Falls

DM and Taz

And on the way back we just happened to stumble on this!:

A tiger snake - very poisonous.

On our way to Launceston we made a couple of other small stops for views and forest walks. We also stopped at an excellent set of war memorials in Ringaroona which are carved out of redwood trees:

Here are photos of just two of them.

Finally we arrived in Lauceston where Ian was to leave us before heading back to hobart. Me and Ben were staying in a different hostel from the others but we met up for one last time in the Cock and Bull pub.

A very good trip although I think I was lucky with both the people on it and the guide because I bumped into another tour group from the same company in Straham who looked a very sorry boring bunch indeed!

Tiger snake: Took a small video of it as well:

Pink robin: Not to be confused with pink Elephant which I seen later that night.

Sticky Beak:
Aussi expression. A nosey person or to have a nose around. The 3 californian girls had a lonely planet book which said you should have a stick beak at some hotel in Hobart. They thought it meant some sort of special confectionary and went to the place to try and buy some!

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