Friday, December 12, 2008

Radio Ray or Rain man

A quick post:

I am trying to get up to date ASAP with everything I have done in Tassie so bear with me - still a lot to do.

In the mean time 2 pieces of information.

1. I am going to be on the radio on Sunday talking about my travels - Its a local community radio show called Travelling the Airwaves on 3WBC 94.1 FM - its on at 3pm local time but it has a web stream if you really want to listen:

3WBC 94.1FM

2. I am definitely beginning to think I should be called Rain Man instead of Raymond.

In Tassie it rained off and on the whole time I was there. This time last year it was sunny and 40degree!

Here in Melbourne its raining - AGAIN! Its supposed to be roasting and sunny at this time of the year! I have to either go around in a rain coat or a fleece!

Brisbane has experienced some of the worst floods in its history and a girl out of the hostel has just come back from Uluru (Ayers rock) where it poured down and the local aboriginals used the rock as a water slide!

I actually don't mind - its still warmer (just about) than back home!

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Last week, Saturday 6th December:
Fulham 1 Man City 1
Bullard 27 Mwaruwari 6.

Today, Saturday 13th Dec.
Man City 0 Everton 1
Cahill 90

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