Friday, December 5, 2008

Australia - things I have learnt

When I was doing my walk of St kilda I came across a couple of war memorials and it got me thinking just how much Australia respect its war dead.

I forgot to mention in an earlier post that while in Kings Park in Perth I made a point of checking their large war memorial which has all the names of the war dead from around Perth. I was looking for anybody named Finn and eventually found 2 names from the same battalion - I think they might have been brothers.

Just about every town and park here has some sort of war memorial to not only WWI and WWII but to other conflicts that Australia took part in. eg I did not know that Australia lost over 500 men in the Vietnam war. They were also involved in Korea and even as far back as the Boar war.

On our first trip up the Grampians we made a point of stopping at a camp side, putting on the radio and at precisely 11am on the 11th observed a one minutes silence.

One of the international trips run by the conservation volunteers is to Gallipolli to help with the memorial service held there every year on the 25th April - Anzac Day. Anzac day appears to be a very important event for Australia. Its a national holiday both here and in New Zealand and it basically commemorates their birth as a nation.

It must be a very emotional day for the country I only wish I could be around to see it. I will try to keep a look out for the war memorials though where ever I go.

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