Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I am now on my journey to Cape Town using the Baz Bus - the backpacker transport. Its not exactly how I imagined it. In the web site and on posters they have a picture of a medium sized bus with what seems to be about 50 people standing around and on top of it waving and laughing. The impression you get it is that its a mobile fun palace. In reality its just a (rather expensive) method of getting from A to B and to be honest thats no bad thing. I mean if all them people in the poster were to actually try to fit on that bus there would be mayhem!

Our driver Luzoco is friendly enough and did try initally to stir us up but lets face it we all left Port Elizabeth at 7am and all we want to do is relax.

The good thing about the Baz Bus is that it takes you door to door so you don't have to cart your luggage to and from bus stations. The bad thing is that you do not get to mix with the locals - it almost has an apartheid feel to it. To be quite honest with todays situation in South Africa I don't really care that it does - especially after hearing from a couple on the bus about two people they met who used buses in Durban and ended up getting robbed and having everything taken from them.

We have just dropped off most of the people at Storms River where the supposedly highest bungee jump in the world is (I thought it was in New Zealand). The only time I ever hung suspended by elastic was when I was 10 and got my pants caught while climbing over a barbed wire fence. That was more than good enough for me thank you very much!

Baby elephants - Kariega - I will just stick a photo in after each post to keep you interested.

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