Monday, September 15, 2008


Am I a jinx?

The one bad thing about Kariega has been the weather. It hasn't been raining (unlike in Ireland where its been raining all summer - hee hee) but it has been windy sometimes blowing a freezing gale. This obviously makes watching animals a bit harder but has not really spoilt our enjoyment. It just means that instead of being out in a t-shirt and shorts I am usually wearing a fleece and wooly hat.

I am now beginning to think that I am a bit of a jinx when it comes to travelling. Enkosini have already had their fair share of fires fanned by high winds and in other trips I have had slightly bad weather too.


Egypt: When I went there to scuba dive, they had their worst rains in 50 years (its in a desert for god's sake!). The rains were so bad you could actually swim down the street outside our hotel.

Florida: They had a hurricane just before I arrived and were therefore still recovering with a drop of 10 degrees in temperature.

Australia: The day I arrived in Cairns the temperature dropped by 10 degrees and the day I left it went up by 10 degrees.

Stop Press:

I am a jinx! This last day at Kariega started with hugh winds - the worst yet. I woke up to find that the gate to the volunteer centre complex had been blown open - which meant the lions coould have strolled in at any time. I had to quickly close it. then this afternoon it started raining hailstones as big as marbles. Now we are in the middles of a huge thunder storm with lighning flashing all around us and the lights constantly flickering off and on - will probably get a full bla

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