Tuesday, September 2, 2008

List update 31st Aug

List update for w/e 31st Aug

Beers I have drank:

Hansa Pilsner: South African 4.5%
Hansa Marzen Gold: South African 5.2%
I prefer the gold to the pilsner - probably because its got more bite!

Animals that have bitten/peed on me:
My first proper animal bite - from Guyas, one of Mitch's vervet monkeys. I was just standing, minding my own business when the wee shit jumped up on me and bit me on the back!
I can see it now when I am at the Shark project: Everyone is comparing shark scars just like in the scene from Jaws and then they get to me and I show them my wound. "What did that Ray, a Tiger shark?" "No a 1 foot high monkey!"

I also nearly got bitten by a large spider which happened to be sitting on the ranger toilet seat one night. Luckily I seen it in time - I doubt it was venonous anyway. Got me thinking of another movie scenario:
Me running into the Ranger station shouting
"I've been bitten by a venomous spider I need somebody to suck out the venom!"
"Where were you bitten"
"Here" dropping my trousers.
"Yeah right Ray! Nice knowing ya!"

Items lost/broken
Nothing! In fact I even found my phone!

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