Friday, September 12, 2008

Booking agents Rant

Time for another rant!

Conservation Holidays aren't cheap but I always thought that most of the money you hand over when booking one went to the project or organisation that you were working with. How wrong was I! It seems that all those great websites that have all these wonderful volunteer projects - both conservation and humanitary take up to 60% of the money themselves and give nothing in return.

Organisations like I-to-I, GVI or Gapyear take the lionshare of your money for doing next to nothing. All they are is glorified booking agents. A lot of them don't even give you information on how to travel to your project - they just take the money and run.

Enkosini as a booking agent seem to take the least percentage and at least you know any profit goes to conservation but I would not bother with any of the other sites.

My advice is if your going to go for a volunteer holiday then find what you want through the booking agents site then trace the actual organisation and contact them directly. If they say that you have to go through their booking agency then tell them to go Fuck themselves! There are plenty of places that you can go to (eg Eco centar in Croatia) without giving a shitload of your money to a third party so they can piss off to Benidorm in a big yacuht

Shower of Bastards thats what they are.

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