Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Claudia Poli - Unsung Hero

I thought I would give Claudia a special mention in my Unsung heroes category even though she is not directly a conservation hero.

When I heard that we were going to be getting a Swedish volunteer at Enkosini I immediately made the quiff about Swedish meatballs and Swedes liking their meat. The fact that she was a vegetarian put paid to that joke. Hey look it was all men at the time - don't judge me!

Even though she was the only female and also vegetarian did not seem to phase her in the slightest. In fact she immediately took over doing most of the cooking (and cleaning!) - even for us meat eaters. We did of course protest but she was having none of it. The fact that she was a really good cook helped matters.

She then persuaded me to go to Kariega - which I shall be forever thankful to her as it was great. Again she tried to take on all the cooking - but this time there was also Ingrid and Jenna to help. I lit the fire!

For the final 3 days it was just me and Claudia volunteering at Kariega so I made the ultimate sacrifice and let her cook vegetarian meals. It was tough but I survived!

So I add Claudia to my list of unsung heros for having to put up with me for the last 4 weeks.

PS Before you lot ask. She is half my age! Anyway she doesn't drink - not my type at all!

Claudia - for a Swede the woman was always cold!

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