Monday, September 15, 2008

Lists update

List update for 15th Sep

Beers I have drank:

Mitchells Forester Draught. According to Jacques its the best beer in S. Africa. It is good on Draught but there is also a Mitchells bitter which I will hunt out on my travels.

Things I have lost/Broken:

Sunglasses: 2nd pair broken. I have decided to give up on sunglasses and just wear glasses instead - I can actually see things then!

Cap: I am surprised that I have been able to keep both my baseball caps for so long. I think I left one on the bus from Lydenberg. It gave me a good excuse to buy a Kariega Cap. I also bought a Kariega T-shirt. My plan was to buy a T shirt from each of the conservation places I visit but they only had Medium in Enkosini which was 'slightly' too tight for me.

Animals I have seen:

Rain Spider 5th Sep Kariega volunteer centre.
I don't normally repeat animals I have seen but in this case I will make a special exception. This is because the rain spider I seen on the 3rd was about 1/4 of the size off the one I seen on the 5th. As I seen this spider (which was about the size of my hand) right beside my bed there was no way I was going to sleep with it around! So I got an empty large margarine tub and proceeded to stalk it with my headlamp on. After several unsuccessful attempts I managed to catch and take it outside. My mother always told me that when you throw a spider out you are supposed to place it on the ground and tell it not to come back. I decided that rather than do that I would fling it as far as I could and run like fuck.

White breasted Cormorant: 8th Sep Kariega (canoe trip) (J)

Cape Cormorant: 8th Sep Kariega (canoe Trip) (J)

Yellow-billed duck 8th Sep Kariega (J)

Jackall Buzzard 5th Sep Kariega (J)

Crowned Eagle 10th Sep Kariega (J)

Secretary Bird 9th Sep Kariega (J) In the distance. I am hoping to get a proper view of one before I leave Kariega.

Sandpiper (yet to be identified properly) (p)

Speckled mousebird 8th Sep Kariega (Ingrid - I never get to identify any birds here!)

Fiery necked Nightjar 9th Sep Kariega (nightdrive) (j) (great view of another one in spotlight fliting about on 11th)

Yellow-billed barbet 8th Sep Kariega (J)

Black headed Oriole 8th Sep Kariega (ME) (p)

Paradise Flycatcher 8th Sep Kariega (Ingrid)

Southern Double collared sunbird 7th Sep Kariega (ME) (p)

Fiscal Shrike 8th Sep Kariega (J)

Red winged starling 7th Sep Kariega (me)

Giant Kingfisher 12th Kariega (j)

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