Friday, September 12, 2008

Quick post

Hi All

I have not finalised some of my Kariega posts (did not know I was going to be on internet today) so I have only posted two posts. I will be in Port Elizabeth on Monday when I start my travels to Cape town backpacking so I will update more then.

In mean time it seems that some people are actually reading this blog so a couple of things. Could you please click on the google ads. If you do I actually get some money - not alot but put it this way the more money I make the longer I will be away so its in your own interests to do so.

Also say to other people so they can click too - MAKE ME MONEY!

Oh one other thing bold italics in the mails have extra text if you place your pointer on them - just in case you did not know.

More to follow.

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1. I have been clicking on the ads. Very interesting stuff.

2. No more bold text.

3. NI drew 0 - 0 with the Czech Republic on Wednesday 10th Sept. and man City lost 1 - 3 to Chelsea on Saturday 13th. Robhino scored for City.