Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mossel Bay

I only stayed in Mossel bay for one night as I had to get to Cape Town for for Tue. I stayed in Mossel Bay Backpackers which was nice but probably had the worst beds I have slept in so far. I decided to use try to take it easy as I was way over budget and still sore from my canoe venture.

Mossel bay is another nice, safe seaside town. After getting settled into the hostel I went down to the point and had a beer watching surfers and whales. There was also some young idiots playing around in the surf while large waves washed over them.

That night I just booked onto the Braai the hostel does and because I had an hour to kill before hand went to the local bar - which turned out to be Irish! Unfortunately being Sunday it was closed. Just as I was checking the locked doors two Irish girls arrived as well so we all went up to the English bar up the road for a drink instead. They turned out to be from Cork City and Limerick. I did the 'do you know such and such questrion' with the Cork girl but she did not know anyone (imagine coming from Cork city and not knowing the McCarthy Sisters!). As for the Limerick Girl - when I said I knew somebody from Newcastle West all she said was everyone from there was mad.

After 1 drink they said they had to go back to their hostel as it was getting dark (I have this effect on women!) and the Limerick Girl gave me 20 rand for the Mojhito she had. After they left I went to pay the bill and discovered it was actually 30 rand for her drink - bloody typical Limerick people - short change you any chance they get! .

After heading back to the hostel and eating the prepared Braai I headed back to the point area along with an Austrian, Brazilian and Swiss Guy who were the only other people staying at the hostel. We went to the aptly named Dros bar and my 'take it easy' overnight stop turned into a semi major boozing session. It was only stopped from being a complete session by the bar closing. I have arranged to meet some of them again in Cape town.

I just hope I survive Cape Town intact - I think I may be doing quite a lot of drinking!

Drinking in Mossel Bay

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