Thursday, January 8, 2009

Appendum - Lisa's Cocktail party - 13th Dec

When I said that I had a quiet night before doing the radio show I was not strictly telling the truth. I had forgotten that I went down to St Kilda to go to a 'Cocktail' Party held by Lisa from the CVA.

It was not strictly in St Kilda but was really about a mile further on which I discovered as I walked in the rain from the St Kilda tram terminus. It was also not really a 'cocktail party' in the sense of say an 'Irish Good Friday Cocktail Party' (see below) as there wasn't any cocktails. Instead Lisa had made a large bowl of fruit punch so it was more of a 'punch' party. In fact it wasn't even really a party either as, due to the weather, only 2 other people besides myself turned up.

What it was was an enjoyable evening talking about everything under the sun with Lisa, her friend Rachel and her sister Mel while consuming large quantities of delicious punch. I am not at liberty to divulge anything that was said except to say that the general conclusion we came to was that all ex's are bastards. Oh and Lisa should try and exhibit some of her paintings (which she should!).
Hey Lisa how's the potted plant doing?

Myself, Rachel and Mel left some time after 11 because our hostess was barely able to stand and had fallen asleep on the couch. We hailed a taxi back into St Kilda. The taxi driver hadn't a clue where to go and Rachel had to direct him. I think he was from one of those family owned businesses where the guy arrives at the airport and is met by his brother who hands him a map, a phrase book and puts him in front of the wheel of a taxi saying 'Go, Achmed and make our father some money'.

In St Kilda I caught a Tram back to the city then another one back to Collingwood where I had a couple of beers before going to bed.

Good Friday is the one day of the year in the Republic of Ireland where the law forbids any selling of alcohol. Rather than abstaining from drink people have house parties and not just any house parties but cocktail parties. So instead of celebrating Good Friday in the good old fashioned religious way a lot of Irish people are concocting drinks with names like 'Sex on the beach'; 'A slow comfortable screw' and 'slippery nipples'. These same people are used to drinking beer for most of the rest of the year so the results are usually quite messy.

Interesting fact: On Holy Thursday Liquor shops in Ireland have their second biggest sales day of the year - only St Patricks day has more.

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