Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Healesville, Australia

31st Jan

On new years eve I went to another wildlife sanctuary - this time Healesville which is about 60km from the centre of Melbourne.

I arrived just in time to see their parrot bird display which was fun and also managed to see their birds of prey show which was even better.

Info on Corella

Wedge tailed Eagle

And again!


As per usual my camera batteries gave out in the middle of the bird of prey display but I am sure you are all fed up with me posting pics of Australian animals.

'Us dingos don't count as Aussi animals - we're just blowins!'

It was a really well set out place with a good enclosures (esp the bird ones) and information. I even got to see a platapus (no pics I am afraid). The only downside to the trip (other than the batteries) was the distance I had to drive to get there and of course the place was full of snivelling little kids.

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