Monday, January 5, 2009

Melbourne Museum 10th/16th Dec

I am going to start running through posts now so these will be just for posterity and there won't have been much thought put into them.

On the 10th Dec myself, Lisa and Xenia Warrior Princess went to the Melbourne Museum.

Its a great place which cost only $6 to get into. Again my camera batteries packed up on me just at the wrong moment so I don't have many photographs to show (I am waiting on getting some from the girls)

We only had time to do half the museum before it closed but I did come back another day with another friend Katy to finish it off (with a fully loaded camera). I even managed to get into the place for free by cheating and going in via the museum shop.

Only in Australia would they do this!

Humpy devil

Aborigial Headdress

Xenia, Lisa and snakes

Bricks - good for throwing

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