Saturday, January 17, 2009

Missing days - Melbourne, Australia

26th - 28th Dec

For the next 3 days after Christmas I did virtually nothing at all. As far as I can remember the only highlights to these 3 days were:

26th (Boxing Day): I did my Laundry (whoopee!)
Also on boxing day a group of us went to the IMAX centre to watch 'The Day the Earth Stood Still' starring Keanu Reeves which was premiering that day. It was a really crap film (should have realised it would be with Keanu Reeves!)

27th: I don't know - any info would be much appreciated.

28th: We all said goodbye to Georgie, Ina, Alex and Chris who were heading off to Sydney for the new years eve. I also booked a hire car for 30th-2nd as I was getting so bored and needed to get out of Melbourne.

Also in those 3 days I downloaded about a million photos on to facebook and watched just about any DVD that was shown inhouse.

Sometimes you just have to fester!

Beers I have drank:

I don't know when I drank these but they are in my phone as reminders so I must have done it at some point!

Fuckin' Good Beer (it wasn't)
I know that I had the Fuckin' good beer in the Dochester Hotel which was one of our stop off points on the way to Brunswick street. They do happy hours in there were you can get drinks for $4 each but don't get the shorts as they are watered down and taste of nothing.

Ironhouse Pale Ale.
I think I had this in the old bar on a Sunday before the ocean road trip when I went and seen a very weird band which consisted of: A couple of guitarists, a banjo player, a guy playing a wash board and a guy who, when not playing a harmonica clanked a chain with a hammer!

Fat Yak Beer:
I had this in some yuppie place up in Brunswick Street.

I think In will start noting down place and date as well as beer from now on!

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