Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rialto Tower - Melbourne, Australia

29th Dec

Our time at the zoo might have been over but our days outing was yet to finish.

Ailish had managed to get some 2 for 1 tickets to the Rialto tower in Melbourne which has 360 degrees view of the city. We persuaded Thomas to come with us and off we went into the city on the tram.

Once there we met up with Amanda - a former hostel resident and it was off to the top of the tower.

Once at the top we walked around taking pics of the skyline:

A view of the Europa tower which is even taller and is supposed to have an even better view than the rialto.

During daylight Melbourne is not exactly a picturesque city from this high up but it does have some interesting views like this funky rooftop:

Or gondolas on the river

View towards St Kilda Beach

Me trying to be arty farty with video of traffic.

We were all hoping to get a great sunset that night but regrettably (I'm sick of saying Unfortunately!) it did not happen so we all sat and waited for darkness to fall while having some food and drink.

Jamie And Ailish

Thomas and Amanda

Then it went dark and all the lights in the city started to come on:

Train Station

View towards big wheel

City Skyline

Once we had had our fill of the city lights we headed back down the lift (elevator):

And went to the waterfront to wait for the fire show. Every evening on the stroke of the hour a large set of gas flame throwers puts on a show for the public. We caught the 10 o'clock display - it was fantastic to see.

Finally it was back to the hostel - but before we got there we took some photos of shops on Johnston street.

Shop window

Shop front

And of course I HAD to take a picture of Mandy the mannequin!

Can also be categorised in the PEOPLE I HAVE MET SLOT.
When you see a guy coming to your tram stop with a bottle in a brown paper bag make sure you ignore him. Do not for gods sake say hi and then find out he is a nutter drunk who starts ranting to you about how he has been thrown out in the streets and how he would be better off in a police cell. I couldn't understand half the stuff he said but just nodded and smiled a couple of times as he ranted on. We were all so grateful when the tram came along only to find that he got on it as well! Luckily he did not get off the same stop as us - phew.

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