Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sad post - Christchurch 11th Jan

On the way to the library to update this blog I came across a very sad scene. A woman had jumped or fell from a multistorey carpark onto the rain cover roof of a department store. I asked one of the bystanders what had happened but all they could tell me was they heard a great big thud as they were coming out of the department store. Two lads had climbed onto the roof to see what they could do.

The police soon came then an ambulance and finally a fire engine to use their hydralic lift if required. In the end it wasn't. I seen the paramedics try to give CPR but in the end they gave up - she was quite clerly dead.

I decided not to take any photos of the scene (that sort of thing just doesn't seen right). I'll add a link of the news item as soon as I find it.

Department store (taken next day) She landed on the rain roof just beside the right hand side 'farmers' banner.

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