Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New Years Eve - Melbourne, Australia

31st Jan

After I got back from Healesville Sanctuary it was time to get down to the real business of partying!

Actually it was time to have another one of Paul's BBQ's before starting to drink. Three things made New Years Eve different from Christmas Day.

1. I managed to take some photos of the BBQ:

The 3 Germans - Lisa is kissing her rum which she is guzzling before going to work in the Tote bar!

Amanda and Fong

Nina, Dave and Diana

There's food to be ate!

2. Some people actually went out of the hostel and watched the fireworks that went on downtown (not me however - I think fireworks are overrated - especially when you can't drink while watching them)

3. You could actually go to a bar - of course it cost you money but after effectively running out of beer, myself and a few others stumped up $30 to go to the tote (the local bar) and celebrate bringing in the new year in style.

OK so we sat outside in their beer garden and completely missed it but it wasn't our fault as the bands they had on just played right through midnight without even doing a countdown! Tossers.

Anyway we were chucked out of the tote at 1am (because it was closing - not because we too drunk!) and had to head back to the hostel where I took some more stupid pics before going to bed.

Thomas in a wig - don't know where he got it from

Xaviar in another wig

More wigs - but what has Katy got in her mouth?

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