Thursday, January 29, 2009

Melbourne Bats, Australia

1st Jan

I sat around the hostel most of New Years Day doing nothing much but eventually I decided to use my hire car for another animal trip - this time for a return to Melbourne Bats.

I drove down to Jarra River at about 7pm and then after a walk down the river to waste some time I headed for the bats roost to wait for them to start flying.

When I got there there were already a good number of people standing around but they all seemed to leave soon after I arrived (must be my deodorant - or lack of it!).

They should have stayed around because once it started getting dark the bats started to fly from their trees - a couple at first then more and more until the night sky seemed to be filled with them. I was totally mesmerised by the sight.

Afterwards I went back to the hostel satisfied that I had at least done something over the New Year.

Darter bird at Yarra River


Flying bat (as if you could not tell!)

Another flying bat

bat and moon

Bats with kookaburra calling in the background

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