Friday, October 3, 2008

Cape Town Water Front: 28th Sep

The Plan was brilliant in its conception:

1. Book into St Johns backpackers.
2. Walk down to the waterfront and have a look around.
3. Go to Mitchells bar and watch the Man City Game while partaking in a quiet pint.

Step 1 was no problem. I got a taxi with my stuff across the city and placed it in the dorm.

Unfortunately step 2 did not go according to plan as in order to get to the waterfront you have to pass mitchells bar. Something which my weak body was unable to do.

An hour and 2 pints later (one of which was called old wobbly at 11%) I managed to pull myself away from F1 coverage being shown and start walking round the area.

The Waterfront is very nice and very touristy and is full of restaurants, cafes and endless shopping malls. I hated it.

I passed by a large pool where kids and adults can run around in an inflatable air tight bubble. I decided that it would be prudent not to try it out as in my delicate shape I was likely to perform a multicoloured yawn while inside one.

Vomit bubbles

After the antics of the night before I was basically still half-cut and an 11% pint of beer did not help matters. I ended up going round the shopping malls thinking to myself. "I am still Drunk! and I need a dump" In fact it became a little tune in my head. "I'm still drunk - and I need a dump!, I'm still drunk and I need a dump" After 15 minutes of searching I found a toilet and the tune thankfully changed to "I'm still drunk. I'm still drunk"

After another 15 minutes I was bored with looking at endless shops and went looking for something better. I eventually came across the aquarium and boought a ticket to walk around for about an hour before going back to watch the match.

Its not actually a bad aquarium - a bit small and it could do with more info on the fish but at least it did not have any performing dolphins or seals.

Finally the match was on and it was back to Mitchells! The game was crap - Man City lost 2-1 to Wigan! Wigan I ask ye! I went back to my hostel in a very bad mood and it wasn't helped by finding out that I was to be picked up at 4:30 in the morning to be taken to the shark diving!

I had my first early night in two weeks - bed at 9:30 and then it was off to start diving with sharks!

Things I have learnt:

Always put your hair clippers near the top of your rucksack. That way, when they go off by mistake, you are not frantically pulling everything out of your rucksack in an effort to turn them. I think the other people in the dorm thought I had a vibrator stuffed into my pack.

I have resigned myself to the fact that if I am sleeping on a bottom bunk in a dorm I will ALWAYS hit my head on the top bunk when getting up in the morning. The force I hit my head is also directly proportional to the amount of alcohol I had the previous day.

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