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Pinnacles Tour 25th Oct

The reason why I did not drink too much after the Friday night Game was because I had booked myself onto a tour the following day. The '4WD Pinnacle experience'. This trip promised Koalas, Pinnacles, Sand dunes and Sand boarding - an experience of a lifetime!

I had to be down at the city centre to get picked up at 7am so it was just as well that I didn't drink after the game the night before. At 7:20 the giant 4wd bus pulled up and the driver asked 'Are you Mr Sim?' Why can't people get my surname right! I was going to correct him then I thought sod it I'll be Ray Sim for the day.

The trip could best be described as a 'Nap and Snap' tour - due to the fact that between each stop everybody just fell asleep.

On the way out of Perth our driver Len tried to keep us entertained by giving a running commentry on buildings and locations in the city. He then decided that a it would be a good idea to sing all 4 verses of Waltzing Matilda!

Out first stop was a wildlife park outside of Perth. Here we were handed over to one of the centres guides and herded quickly into an enclosure were we we could stroke the Koala's. Then we were quickly taken to another enclosure full of kangaroos were we could again stroke and feed them. Finally we were taken to see a wombat which was carried in by another warden who sat on a bench still holding it so that pwople could tickle its belly.

here skippy

Before I knew it that part of the trip was over and we were taken to the souvenir and cafe of the park. It would have been nice to have a leisurely walk round the park but I got the feeling that time was limited on this tour. I don't think I would have enjoyed the park anyway - from what I could see a lot of its enclosures were extremely small, especially the bird ones.

After a lot more travelling we arrived at our lunch destination. Lunch consisted off cold meat and salad brought with us on the coach. For a cold lunch it was actually pretty good. There was lots of cold chicken and ham as well cold spuds and all sorts of salad stuff. I naturally stuffed my face with as much as I could before going back for seconds.

After lunch it was onto the Pinicles which are limestone like pillers that emerge from sand dunes in a desert area North of Perth. TO be honest they were slightly disappointing as I was expecting them to be bigger but it was still good to see them. Unfortunately the tour only allowed us about 45 minutes to look at them and we had to stick close to the driver while we were there. I was busy taking snaps when I thought I would try to find one that looked most like a man's todger. So of I went running round taking snaps of large dick like rocks!

Our final stop (after a brief stop to photograph some wildflowers - it was mentioned in the tour afterall) was on a set of large sand dunes near the pinnacles.

Here our driver let some air out of his tyres and then took us up and down the sand dunes in the 4x4 part of the experience. It was fun but not at all exhilerating.

We then did some sand boarding which was great:

Even Dm enjoyed it.

Finally it was time to go back to Perth - another 2 hours drive. We eventually arrived back in the city at 8pm.

Because there was a parade on in Northbridge the driver could not return me to my hostel. Instead I walked up from the city centre and joined the crowds eagerly waiting for the parade to pass. I had no idea what sort of parade it was but judging by the number of people waiting I thought it must be good. I had managed to place myself directly across from a bar which was showing live premiership football on one screen and raunchy videos on another screen. It was torture waiting for the Parade but finally it arrived:

Yep A gay pride parade complete with floats and bands. It was pretty good but quite short. I heard later that two lads from my hostel had stripped to their boxers and taken part in the parade - as a bet to get some beer!

Anyway I thought for a bit of fun I would change my poll.

So here it is The Pinnacle Penis Poll.

Which one of the following pinnacles looks most like a Penis - use the poll to the right of the blog:





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