Friday, October 24, 2008

Cottsloe Beach

Look at all the babes!

Well its taken almost a week for the Weather Jinx to catch up with me but on the day we decided to go to Cottesloe beach it arrived!

So rather than walking along, ogling at lots of scantily clad women, myself and Simon ended up walking along a cold, deserted extremely windy beach doing another English Lesson. In truth I probably learnt more French than he did English. Why can't I make friends with a Spanish person - a lot of use French is going to be in South America!

Me: You know - that's K.N.O.W not N.O.
Simon: K.N.O.W. it is a silent K?
Me: Oui!
Me Then you have NOOOOOOOW! which is N.O.W but don't pronounce like Northern Irish People - HOOOW NOOOOW BROOOOWN COOOOOW

Me: You know that walking on this sand is hurting my calfs - that's these things here (pointing to legs) not baby cows - you know (K.N.O.W) Mooo! That's pronounced Moo not like we say in Northern Ireland MOOOOOOO!

Etc Etc I think I should just give up on teaching English

After our lesson we had a pint in the local hotel (most expensive one so far - 9.50!) before heading back to the train station to go back to Freemantle.

On the way back I tired out my French:

Me: Voiture
Simon: Car
Me: Arbour?
Simon: Tree
Me: Velo
Simon: Bike
Me: Dyke on Bike:

Me: Dyke you know lesbian.... and we're off again.

That night - being my last one in Freemantle we went out for a couple of pints. Jimmy and Josh - the other two from our room and what looked like most of the other backpackers were already going out to a local bar where they do Karaoke.

As per usual when I have to get up and move out of a place it became a very messy night - it was my blog money after all!

I did have simon going round to all the Irish saying "Wadda bout ye" so I am getting somewhere!

Simon and Josh

Guy from Kilkeel and his "buddy"

Me and Jimmy

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