Saturday, October 11, 2008

Whale Watching

One of the great things about volunteering for Marine Dynamics is that they also have a sister company - Dyer Island Cruises which does whale watching trips. As a volunteer you can get to go on these trips free of charge. I have been on two trips the first was in such choppy weather that it was more of a roller coaster ride than a boat trip. As a result the whale watching was not that good.

My Second trip was fantastic. We got to see two sets of courting whales very close (as in one of them actually rubbed up against the boat!). As well as whales the boat also looks for penguins around dyer island then goes to Geyser Island where there is a colony of cape fur seals - thousands of them! Finally the trip can go and look at shark cage diving boats if there are any out at the time.

A very worthwhile trip to do - I'd recommend it (but then I am working for them!)

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