Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Lists update: 29th Sep

Lists Update: 29th Sep: Mostly for my own benefit

Beers I have drunk:
Mitchells Bosum Bitter: 3.9%
Mitchells Old Wobbly: 11% (YES 11%)
Mitchells 90shillings (can't remember what % after the wobbly!)

Lost / Broken Items:

One tent and carry mat which I donated at Long Street Backpackers. The tent had served its purpose and was really cumbersome so I decided to donate it to help with a local childrens charity. It will probably be sold to get some money for a new school.


Cape Fur Seal. 18th Sep Pletteneurg (p)
Loads of them all along Robenberg Peninsula.

Southern Right Whale: 18th Sep Plettenberg
Away out at sea but quite good views.

Rock Dassie (hyrax): 20th Sep Wilderness
They are rabbit sized relatives of the elephant..


Back to making my own identifications - which means that the bird list will be reduced!

Kelp Gull 18th Sep Plettenberg

Black Oystercatcher: 18th Sep Plettenberg

White Fronted Plover: 18th Sep Plettenberg (p)

Little Stint: 18th Sep Plettenberg

Speckled Pigeon: 18th Sep Plettenberg

Pied Crow: 19th Sep Wilderness

Malachite Kingfisher 20th Sep Wilderness

Yellow-tufted Malachite Sunbird: 18th Sep Plettenberg (p)

African Penquin: 25th Sep Cape Horn

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