Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Danger Mouse V Great White Shark

Hi my name is Danger Mouse or DM and I fear no man or beast.

Today I joined the team of Marine Dynamics to go Shark Cage diving.

Here I am on 'Shark Fever', Marine Dynamics boat ready to go on our epic voyage.

There are a lot of jobs to be done on the boat.
Here I am chumming to attract the sharks.

And here I am helping put the cage into the water.

They even let me drive the boat!

Time for the shark dive! I had to go down with my sidekick Ray as they did not have a wetsuit small enough for me.

I seen some sharks down there but I am a fearless mouse so I decided that I WOULD SWIM WITH BAIT:

Here I am attached to the bait.

Come and get me shark!!!!

Is that the best you can do!! That was easy. Time to get back - my idiot sidekick ray took a video using his camera but stupidly decided to do it in the portrait position - tosser!

At the end of the trip we have to wash down the boat.

On days off (which are few!) we get to go on day trips. Here I am at Cape L'Auglha- the southern most tip of africa.

And here I am up the lighthouse at Cape L'Auglha

Bye for now - I'll be back again soon.

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