Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sunday Roast - 26th Oct

Having been so good on Friday and Saturday night by hardly touching a drop of the amber nectar I thought I would have a couple of mid afternoon pints on Sunday. Also one of the Irish lads out of the Hostel called Paddy (Yes actually called Paddy!) was going to be playing his fiddle at a local bar called the shed.

Before starting any drinking I and my dormroom mate Brent (A tassie) went for a slapup (and relatively cheap by Perth standards) Sunday Roast. I really needed to get some roast spuds into me before my digestive system went into meltdown!

After the meal we went to the shed. It turned out that they were having an Oktoberfest weekend. All this really meant was that they had an ompa german band complete with tuba doing tunes while some of their barmaids dressed up in traditional german costumes and pranced around talking to the customers. Soon the band finished and they replaced it with jukebox music - all Irish rock. The oktoberfest very quickly turned from a German festival to a St Paddy day festival - there seemed to be Irish drunks everywhere wearing ROI tops, Irish Rugby tops and GAA tops.

I discovered that you could get a pint of Carlton draught for $4 making it the cheapist drink since arriving in oz. The only problem was that it seemed to be cooled to just above absolute zero and froze the inside of my throat with each glup. I managed to redress this problem slightly by ordering jugs of the stuff rather than pints :). Myself and Brent then took it in turns to get jugs while we talked to some of the other guys from the hostel.

In the end Paddy did not get to play as the rest of the Irish band did not turn up so we all ended up back at the hostel to continue our drinking. I have to say that once more i was (good (in relative terms!) because I sneaked away from everyone else to go to bed early. This was because I knew I was volunteering the next day. The rest of the lads, all of who had to work the next day, did not appear until mid Monday afternoon - having forgone their days wages in the process.

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