Saturday, October 18, 2008

South Africa - One Last Post

Things I have learnt:

On the last night in a country before catching early flights to another continent it is advisable NOT to do the following:

1. Instead of having one tequila shot in PEPE's honour have 3

2. Go on a pub crawl ending up in local Irish bar

3. Meet a fellow NORN IRON supporter

4. Drown sorrows about Slovenia result with said supporter and his friends with shots and various rendition's of 'We're not Brazil, We're Northern Ireland'

5. Lose memory of rest of night

Lists update:
No new beers


Glasses - Lost with memory from last night in South Africa (luckily I have a spare set)

Animals Seen:

Great White Shark: 29th Sep-13th Oct: Just one or two!

Blue Crane: 2nd Oct Cape Auglus - South Africa's National bird and quite rare.

Nothing much else for them two weeks:

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