Thursday, October 2, 2008

LSB - LongStreet Backpackers

I spent 6 days at LSB.( which sounds slightly like LSD and is just as addictive ) It was a fantastic place to hang out and meet people. Most of the rooms surrounded a courtyard. My dorm was really just a twin room which was classed as a dorm because it was the pathway to another private room. That meant people from that room had to walk through my room to get out. My roommate seemed to be a vampire as no matter what time I came in at night he wasn't there and then he suddenly materialised in the morning to sleep most of the day - which was great.

As well as the courtyard to hang out in there was also a small bar, kitchen, study, tv room and pool room. In reality the only places I went to was the bar and a downstairs bathroom because there was no shower in the one beside me. It was really a mini tour - Bed > Bar > Bathroom for SSS > Bar > Out.

The bar doubled as reception so was where everyone came to find out about tours, info and just basically talk. The staff were probably the best thing about the place as they were all helpful and good craic (look I am Irish I have to use the word sometimes!) constantly forcing me to drink Jager shots and basically getting me half tanked before I headed out.

So to Andy, Chris, Kev and Alex: Cheers guys for making Cape Town so great.

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