Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rottnest Island 20th Oct

On Mon Simon and I went for a day trip to Rottnest Island off the coast of Freemantle. Its called Rootnest as it literally translates as Rats Nest in Dutch. This is because the first dutch

Eventually I got it on. Here I am snorkeling in the ocean. Couldn't see a bloody thing cause that plonker hadn't cleaned the mask properly.

settlers thought the island was covered in rats when in fact the animals they seen were Quokkas, a type of small marsupial (more later - see you learn with this blog!)

The island should really be called Fly Island because the place was infested with them - they didn't mention that in the bloody tourist board! It seems the flys (non biting - just annoying as F"£K) had only arrived the previous day (Yes! my Jinx strikes again!). I had brought a spare t shirt which served quite well as a fly net but made me look like a terrorist!

Pointless Alqueda Holiday snap #5

The best way to see the island is by bike which you can hire for the day. So after hiring two cheap bikes (no gears and little brakes) we merrily rode along, tingling our bells, surrounded by flies until Simon got a puncture (ME JINX). We had to wait 1/2 hour for a replacement bike to arrive before we could be on our way. Of course the replacement bike ended up having no brakes which left Simon having to crash into signs and bushes to stop himself.

New olympic sport of bike snorkeling

Me and Simon

After about 3km we came to a nice cove where you can snorkel among the southern most coral in the world (apparently!). I had purchased a mask and snorkel the previous day just for this trip. It was only when I had geared up that I realised how unprepared I was for the snorkeling. I had forgotten to bring my sandals which meant I had to cross some jagged rocks bare feet before I could get to the coral.

That was ok but I had also forgotten to prepare my mask by using toothpaste to rub off the manufacturers resin. The result was that as soon as I started to snorkel the mask misted up and it felt like I was looking through fog. No matter how much spitting and cleaning I did the result was always the same. My right goggle did have one area of clearness so I tried closing my left eye to see better. That just meant I banged into things quicker.

The coral was not that great anyway. I was toying with doing some actual scuba diving on the island but was glad I didn't as there was not much to see. I think I picked the wrong cove to do the snorkeling as the next one looked far better.

Simon did not go in the water having no snorkeling gear so I headed back quite quick so he wouldn't get bored. We then spent the next two hours cycling round the island taking photos of beaches, lakes and coves before heading back to the boat jetty for our trip home.

rich bastard!

It was a nice way to spend a day - but it could have been a great day if we prepared better (I blame that on the drinking the night before - as usual!)

PS I have not had any alcohol for the last 2 days. No beer and no TV make Ray unhappy!


Hi everyone Danger mouse here.

After my incident with monsterism (Perth is still recovering) I needed to have a calm swim in the Indian ocean and what better way than to snorkel off Rottsnest Island.

Here I am trying to get Rays rather large snorkel gear on me.

Here I am in the water snorkeling away. Couldn't see a thing because that twat finn forgot to prepare the mask!

Afterwards it was time to dry off.

Then I needed to protect myself from all the blasted flies!!

See you soon! DM (I fear no man nor Beast!)

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