Friday, October 31, 2008


I became slightly depressed after hearing I had blown any chance of getting money though my ads - I was looking forward to getting my first payment this month!

In order to drown my sorrows I went to the Gaff to have free bangers and mash + lager for $5. I was about to move on when they rang a bell for happy hour - tooheys new for $2 a schooner (wahey)

Before I knew it I was downstairs at their foam party! I didn't actually go on the dancefloor - I wasn't that drunk! The dance floor looked like one of those ads for wella shockwaves. All these barechested guys prancing around with gelled, highlighted hairdos. I always wondered who actually bought that stuff! I think they spent more time looking at themselves in mirrors than the ladies - tossers.

Today I moved out of my hostel to another one up the road. This one is slightly better but the hostel itself has no life to it at all. It could be a very lonely couple of days stuck here in Sydney.

As for the blog - I don't know if I will continue it as its costing me money that I thought I was going to get from ads. It would be nice to get some feedback from people out there either via email or comments.

I will tell you what, if there are enough votes on the Pinnicles Penis Poll I'll continue the blog. If not then I will pull the plug.

I am now off to find a Halloween party to crash.

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Don't stop the blog! We love it!! Keep it going if you can.