Friday, October 24, 2008

quick post

Well I have moved back to Perth and I am in a lot better hostel than the first time (although its not as good as the old firestation in Freemantle)

As with everywhere the place is full of Irish. Some of the Irish women here have done Ireland a great service by removing themselves from the gene pool back there.

Its pouring down with rain too - Welcome back Jinx weather!

Tonight I am off to the International Rules game (if I can get a ticket which I am about to try for now)

Keep clicking them ads - I need to repair my roof back home in Belfast!

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Fergal said...

Howya Raymond checked in on your blog for the first time in a few weeks - like the bit about the English lessons - the blind leading the blind.
Was trying to see if I could avoid working for as long as yourself, but eventually had to return to the workforce a few weeks ago. The new job is based out in Santry, doing technical support for The job is fairly interesting but the hours are a killer - have to leave the house at 6.45 to start work at 8 :-(
Havn't seen any of the lads for a few weeks, being very busy with college and the new job, but hoping to meet up in a week or 2.

Oz turns 9 during the week (making me feel very old) and himself and Nicki are off for a week for mid-term. Both are keeping well, although Nicki is a bit worried about education cuts in the recent budget.
Ulster just lamped Munster 22 - 6 in the Magners League. Twasn't the first xv for the cousin-fuckers, but any win will be welcome for Ulster at the moment. Meanwhile Leinster continue to morph into MUnster - hammering Wasps last week in the Heineken then losing to Glasgow this week in the league - and not looking too bothered.
BOD has been retained as captain for the November Internationals, and in fairness he's been in great form recently. Scored 2 tries (you should look up the 2nd one on Youtube if you havn't seen it)against Wasps before going off with a knock.
Not much else to report, I'll respond to you again soon.


p.s.Not sure whether I should be replying to blog or sending email to you