Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Lists update 28th Oct

Just a quick one

Beers I have drank:
The good thing about Perth and Freemantle is that there is quite a wide variety of beers - all Dear! I can't remember all the ones I have had but here are some of them

Small Creatures Ale:
Small Creatures Bright Beer
Redback Wheat Beer
Carlton Draught
Mad Monk Epic Ale
Tooheys New
Swan draught
James esquire Amber Ale
James esquire golden Ale

Animals I have seen:
Quokka - Marsupial Rottnest Island 20th Oct
Magpie Lark 17th Oct Perth
Australian Magpie 17th Oct Perth
Red Wattlebird 17th Oct Perth
Wandering Whistling Duck 17th Oct Perth
Pacific Black Duck 17th Oct Perth
Australian Ringneck 17th Oct Perth
Laughing Kookaburra 17th Oct Perth
Rainbow Lorikeet 17th Oct Perth
Silver Gull 19th Oct Freemantle
Caspian Term 20th Oct Rottnest Island
Australian Shelduck 20th Oct Rottnest Island
Banded Stilt 20th Oct Rottnest Island
Black winged Stilt 20th Oct Rottnest Island
Australian Pelican 20th Oct Rottnest Island

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